Sam Best

Sam Best is a speculative fiction author living in San Diego, CA.

Next Phase

I’ve begun work on the third and final book in my Infinite Sky series, which should see release sometime late this summer. I’m really excited about this one because I get to stitch in some connecting threads that you’ll be able to follow into books I plan to write in the future. Anyone who’s read […]

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Thirty thousand words into my next manuscript, I thought I’d come up for fresh air. Another World is shaping up to be quite…something. My last novel took two years to write, primarily because I was hardly doing any writing. With Another World, I’ve written more in 12 days than I did in the previous 700+.

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Wrapping Up

There’s nothing like being able to put the final touches on a manuscript that’s been gestating for two years. As I get closer to hitting the publish button, I realize I’ve forgotten how good it feels to actually finish something. Deep Black is in the final stages of editing, and each day is better than

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