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I’ve begun work on the third and final book in my Infinite Sky series, which should see release sometime late this summer. I’m really excited about this one because I get to stitch in some connecting threads that you’ll be able to follow into books I plan to write in the future. Anyone who’s read Another World knows that the company named Diamond Aerospace (first seen in Mission One) is still around and building neat toys. Further connections between these seemingly different series will be revealed in the future.

After I wrap up the last chapter of Infinite Sky, I’ll be diving into the sequel to Another World. I came up with some great ideas while writing the first one that aren’t going to leave me alone until I write them down. The events in that book (and its follow-up) fold nicely into plans I have for several larger-scale projects down the road.

And so, the question might eventually arise as to why I’m writing trilogies instead of a single, longer series.

I like the idea of writing a long series, but at this point in my career (and writing journey), I feel confident admitting I’m not that kind of author. I like the idea of a trilogy because there’s a natural flow to a three-part story. How I plan to get away with trilogies instead of a single, longer series is to make the three-parters interconnected; to draw on similar events, and occasionally similar characters, to paint a consistent universe with a shared history that informs every major event down the line, all the way to the end.

That’s my plan, anyway. It’s ambitious, but it’s going well so far. The first trilogy in this universe, Infinite Sky, is nearing completion. Then it’s on to the two follow-ups to Another World.

After that? You’ll have to wait and see.

6 thoughts on “Next Phase”

  1. Any update on Infinite Sky Book 3? I’m really curious to learn how Kate is doing with Diamond Aerospace.

    Thanks for your books.

  2. Hiya Edwin. Book 3 is in the final stages of editing. I’m looking to have it on the digital shelves no later than February. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series.


  3. Read Book 1 and halfway through Book 2, good stuff! You used the term “over and out” twice so far in radio commo, that is bogus and pure Hollywood, it is never used for real. It’s a contradiction in terms: “over” means “I am finished talking, am waiting for your answer.” “Out” means “I am finished and do not expect a reply, am signing off.” Can’t be both.

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