Wrapping Up

There’s nothing like being able to put the final touches on a manuscript that’s been gestating for two years. As I get closer to hitting the publish button, I realize I’ve forgotten how good it feels to actually finish something.

Deep Black is in the final stages of editing, and each day is better than the last because I’m approaching the horizon. Sure, I have almost twenty pages of notes to get through, but it’s exciting more than it is daunting.

I’m already looking forward to writing my next book, which I hope to start right after Deep Black hits the digital shelves. I’m slowly building up my notes for that one so I can churn through it with minimal delay. It has a slightly different flavor than the Infinite Sky series, but the time period and the technology feel very similar. I hope, anyway. I guess we’ll find out when it’s finished.

Until then, happy reading.

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