Thirty thousand words into my next manuscript, I thought I’d come up for fresh air.

Another World is shaping up to be quite…something. My last novel took two years to write, primarily because I was hardly doing any writing. With Another World, I’ve written more in 12 days than I did in the previous 700+. My brain feels flooded with the universe I’m creating; consumed by it. Every day, more and more details unfold as I type, wiggling their way into the story and latching on like remora.

It’s a lot to keep in the mind all at once. Breaks are healthy, but I don’t want to slip into the lackadaisical schedule I adopted last year. I’m terrified I’ll lose the urgency propelling the narrative, and that all the details, which seem so fleeting right now, will slip away. To heap even more onto the schedule, my wife and I are working hard to master the business side of being an independent author, which, as it turns out, can be more time-consuming that the actual writing. Fortunately for me, she has a good head for it, otherwise I’d spend the rest of my days writing books I didn’t know how to advertise.

I hope to post some more details about Another World soon, including an excerpt (once I have a chance to look it over). I’d like to introduce you to some of the characters and to the state of things in the world of the story. As an aside, I just discovered I named the main vessel after the ship in a lackluster scifi blockbuster from a few years ago, so my first task is picking another one that fits. The original name kind of popped in there without much thought, the sneaky little devil. These are the things one must Google before hitting publish. With all the books and movies out there, chances are you’ve unknowingly named your alien protagonist after a main character in the year’s most popular television series. Guess I should watch more TV.

I’ll close with a related lament that seems to shoulder its way to the forefront of my consciousness on a daily basis:

Alas, time.

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