Void Space: Book One
The luxury ship Alessandro set out with two hundred souls for the edge of known space. On board were thrill-seekers, government scientists, corporate elites, and the richest man alive—a man searching for his long-lost son.

The Alessandro vanished.

The ship was found adrift in Orion’s nebula. The passengers were gone…but the ship wasn’t empty.

Three dozen children slept within cold stasis chambers in the dark heart of the dormant vessel—children with no memory of who they were or where they came from.

The remaining survivors find themselves hunted across the stars for a power they don’t know they possess—a power that will unlock the universe.

Because these wayward travelers didn’t just touch the void…

…they brought something back.

Thus begins the epic, galaxy-spanning space opera series called Void Space. Space adventure, military science fiction, cyberpunk, and fantasy combine in this multi-character saga brimming with scifi tech, madness, and mayhem. Follow the survivors of an ill-fated ship as they fight to discover the truth about their past and navigate a deadly landscape of human expansion, political intrigue, and war.

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