So you read Genesis Plague a while back, before the MASSIVE overhaul that changed several key things with the plot as we move toward the sequel. If you purchased the book from Amazon, you should be able to update your Kindle edition of the book by following this method. If you were gifted the book or received it as an advanced review copy, this is not possible. Instead, I have created a list of the most important changes below. If you don’t want to purchase and/or re-read the entire updated book (and I wouldn’t blame you), check out what is new in the second edition.

Non-Plot Specific
(These changes do not affect the sequel)

Plot Specific
(You need to know about these changes before you read the sequel)

And now you’re all caught up. The decision to go through with such a drastic overhaul was not undertaken lightly, and it resulted in much more work than I had anticipated, which delayed the progress of the sequel. Still, I believe book one is now a much more solid read. I was able to find and fix multiple typos and grammatical errors, so hopefully future readers will experience a nice, smooth story from start to finish. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t have published it like this from the beginning.