Putting the final touches on my scifi film after so long really got me in the mood for some more editing. I dusted off all of my old clips (including my student projects—yikes) and I’m ready to post another blast from the past.

This one has a bit of a horror bent to it, although it veers more toward Twilight Zone than anything else.

I worked with a great crew in New Jersey several winters ago. It…was…freezing. My hands were numb every day, even though I wore gloves and had some of those little heat packs. You can see the actors’ breath in some shots, and it’s not CGI.

At any rate, there was a small budget for this one, spent mostly on transportation, lodging, and food. We stayed in a cabin when we were shooting out in the woods. Overall it was extremely fun, and we managed to accomplish a lot in the few days we were on location.

I’m not a huge fan of the script, even though I wrote it. The pacing is a bit off and the ending is lackluster. I’d like to think I’ve learned a great deal more about the craft of writing since then. Still, all is not lost with this movie: there are some good parts where people get hit with shovels rather convincingly.


Two hikers become trapped in a deadly web of murder as they are hunted by a deranged couple in the deep Jersey woods. But one of the hunters is more than she seems…

Genre: Horror

Duration: 26 minutes

 Teaser Trailer

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