Before I wrote novels I went to school for film production. During that time I borrowed a 16mm camera from the storage room and shot a short film called The Path Not Taken.

After the editing phase, my friend offered the use of the setup he used for composing. It was a great big desk topped with amplifiers, keyboards, and speakers. He had a library containing several thousand genuine instrument recordings. When you map an instrument to the synthesizer (keyboard), you can play any note you like.

The only catch was that I had to do the soundtrack for my ~7 minute short film in just under ten hours. Having never composed anything before, it was a wild ride and a wonderfully creative experience, despite the time constraints (or maybe because of them). I’d like to do it again one day when I have access to a proper setup.

All six tracks offer a little over six minutes of music in total. My favorites are Track 5 (for its whimsy) and the violin bit at the end of Track 4.