Down The Chain

A man gets a chance to fix his past mistakes when he is blackmailed into stealing designs for a mysterious machine.

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Genre: Drama/SciFi

Duration: 50 minutes

Camera: Canon 7D

Production Notes:

This film was shot in 14 days around San Diego, for the most part with a 2-person crew (lead actor + director). The budget was $0, unless you count pizza and an airplane ticket. It was originally 30 minutes longer, but recent edits trimmed down the nonessential bits, leaving the core story intact. The biggest on-set issue was audio, as is evident in several scenes. It’s difficult to operate a camera and hold a boom mic at the same time, especially when dealing with multiple actors. It’s okay for a no-budget first effort, but I’d like to do it the right way next time.

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Jered Allen — Jacob
Gregg-Alan Bartell — Dosyev
Jesse Carlson — Breaker
Kate Danley — Janice Hill
Jessica Dodson — Amy
Jessica Gordon — Robin
Joe Hurley — Tommy
Mark Alan Johnston — Zeke
Jim Klock — Mr. Wallace
Danny Morris — Old Man
Miguel Saucedo — Hector
Randall Speakman — Eliot the Bartender


Sam Best — Writer/Producer/Editor/Cinematography/Director
Jered Allen — Producer
Toccara Best — Executive Producer
James Edwin Myers, Jr. — Executive Producer
Mark Alan Johnston — Associate Producer
Peter J. Collins — Original Score
Brent Reynolds — Additional Cinematography
Gerry Ganby — Additional Sound Recording

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