The book that launched an epic science fiction universe is a thrilling ride to Saturn’s largest moon.

Join the crew of the first mission to Titan.

The journey itself can be deadly. Even if you make it to Titan alive, you’ll face another problem

Something is already there.

4.6k+ Ratings on Amazon: Likeable characters, believable tech, near-future space exploration, and unique first contact are the things that reviewers love most about this book.

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Hi, I'm Samuel

I was born in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and I grew up a mile from the gates of Kennedy Space Center. My grandmother built space shuttles, my father designed scientific equipment that flew on them, and I watched the launches from my rattling front porch, dreaming of the stars.

I recently spent three years traveling across our little blue-green marble in space, finding inspiration for my books in places like Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and the ice caves of Iceland.

My best-selling novel Mission One launched my career as a science fiction writer, and now I spend my time crafting new universes for you to explore.


“Everything I love in Science Fiction.”


"Exciting new author. Great characters, good plot and a well told story."


"Best book I’ve read in a long long time."


"Mr. Best is up there with the best!"

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