Zero Dawn

The sequel to the best-selling Genesis Plague is now available!

Zero Dawn Book Cover

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The deadliest virus in human history isn’t finished with us yet.

It has just unleashed a terrifying new threat on the surviving population of Earth: a resilient organism that has been dormant for millions of years.

An organism we are not prepared to fight.

At a remote research base in Greenland, scientists discover a series of prehistoric animals frozen in the ice. The creatures all show signs of an unusual infection: an invasive parasite that is capable of adapting itself to any host.

In the sand-blasted desert of a transformed America, survivors of the viral apocalypse must band together to face an army of infected humans gathering in the east, controlled by an old foe who will stop at nothing to rule what is left of a dying world.

Zero Dawn is the sequel to the best-selling Genesis Plague, and continues in its predecessor’s footsteps by offering you an action-packed adventure where the very soul of humanity hangs in the balance.