The Next Leg

Let me just dust off the old blog machine…

There we go.

I figure it’s about time to go into space. I always wanted to end up a science fiction writer, and I’m going to start heading in that direction. My first “real” short story was sci-fi, because I knew that no matter which path my career took, I could always say it started out in space.

My next book, Mission One, starts on Earth. The story then takes to the stars. Symbolism. With my next few books, I’m going to leave Earth behind for a little while and explore the cosmos. I’ve already learned more about the universe over the past several weeks while researching this next book than I have in my entire life. The learning threatens to be more fun┬áthan the writing, and there’s still a lot more of it to do before the end of Mission One.

Some projects just feel more right than others, and this is one of them. I’m excited to share more details as the journey continues.

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