The Bloom Series

The Bloom Series Box Set Cover

By Samuel Best, writing as A.P. Kensey


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Two teens with special powers are thrust into a war they never wanted to fight.

17-year-old Haven Kincaid is the new girl in town, and she doesn’t fit in. But she’s more different than she knows.

When tragedy strikes and her life crumbles, it triggers a special power within her. Haven is a Source – someone who can generate and unleash powerful bursts of energy. Soon she is on the run from a sinister group that will do anything to extract her ability, no matter the cost.

18-year-old Colton Ross is fresh out of high school. He’s just beginning to scratch the surface of his power as a Conduit — one who can absorb and redirect the energy that exists all around us: light, electricity, even gravity. A mysterious offer to learn more about his troubled past will send him crashing right into Haven.

Together, they are pulled into the middle of a secret war – a war of heroes and villains, light and dark, love and hate. Telling one from the other isn’t easy – and making the wrong choice could lead to the destruction of everything they hold dear.

Superpowers, intense action, epic adventure, and mind-bending time travel combine in this thrilling Young Adult fantasy action series, recommended for fans of X-Men and Steelheart.

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