The Great Serial Experiment

I have a little side project I’m going to be experimenting with while I work on other things. I’ve wanted to do a virus story for a long time, and I have been jotting down infrequent notes off and on for about a year. I’ve finally landed on an underlying premise for my story that I think is (hopefully) mostly unique.

With Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program, which allows readers to binge on unlimited Amazon-exclusive books for $8.99 a month (think Netflix for books), and with my propensity for writing roughly 20,000 word chunks before needing a refueling break, I finally hit on an idea that might work given enough motivation and planning:

A serial novel with steady, frequent releases, chock full ‘o cliffhangers like a television show, exclusive to Amazon (at least in the beginning).

Introducing Genesis Plague. Continue reading