I Made A Student Film

Welcome back to Movie Monday Tuesday! This week’s installment is the second short film I ever made, while I was in film school (around 2004, I think). (Previous entries: Sci-Fi, Horror, Bonus! Book Trailer.)

It’s about 7 minutes long and was shot on 16mm (actual FILM!) with an Arri camera. We weren’t technically allowed to use the REAL film cameras in production school (because that makes sense), so I had to strike a deal with the guy in charge of equipment maintenance to sneak the camera out for a few hours. And also organize almost everyone in the class to help me out in those short few hours. Fun times.

The shack was built in my parents’ backyard and transported to my school, where the movie was shot. We built the shack in sections, so each of the four walls could be removed to allow the camera to move freely around the interior of the room.

I might be more proud of this for the music I wrote than for the actual movie. My friend Chris had a great studio setup with a digitized orchestra. I spent a day hammering out the soundtrack right before the project was due. Hooray for procrastination! I guess some things never change. Continue reading