Hello Darkness Post-Promo Results

It’s still selling, but as of now readers have purchased 200 copies of Hello Darkness following the Ereader News Today promo on May 2nd. Here is what the ranking looked like at the peak of the promo:

That’s after just 145 sales. Since the book is in the smaller category of Dark Fantasy, it didn’t take much to boost it to #1. The main category of Horror is always trickier since there are so many books to compete against. The rankings have been slowly slipping ever since but have not yet plummeted. The book has had legs of its own ever since I published it back in October and was selling with no interference from me long before this promo. Hopefully with 200 more legitimate purchases floating around, sales will continue to propagate. The only explanation I can come up with is good word of mouth, so I have my fingers crossed that readers who get a genuine scare will continue to tell their friends about the novel.

Hank Buckley Gets A Chapter

Meet Hank.

In my next novel, HELLO DARKNESS, Hank is a mild-mannered, God-fearing hardware store owner in the small town of Falling Rock. Hank is not one of the book’s main characters and is only mentioned a few times (and seen once) before his moment in the spotlight.

So why does he get even a little bit of the story? The reason is because there’s a lot going on in Falling Rock—evil is nesting in the woods just outside town, and most of the main characters are still unaware of its existence. However, the reader needs that little peek behind the curtain so they aren’t asking the same question for a hundred pages. Asking questions is good (essential, even) but a question that evolves over the course of a novel is even better.

Enter Hank Buckley. Continue reading

New Short Story

Lonely Hair Cover

While ASHES is almost ready to publish, I thought I might release another short story.

Here is LONELY HAIR, the age-old tale of a guy who has to cut his hair for a promising new job, yet is constantly thwarted when the hair crawls back every night and reattaches itself to his head.

This story will be available for FREE for three days a few days after ASHES is released, so you can wait until then to grab it if you’re short a buck.


Click HERE for the Amazon link.