Shock Force

The squad arrives in August 2020. Grab a pre-order copy, then sit back and wait for the mayhem.

Powerful dynasties at war. Riots in the slums. Betrayal from within. Just another day for a soldier in the Elite Task Forces.

CHICAGO, 3481.

Sergeant Declan Cole and his elite soldiers have a single job: keep one of the last cities in the United States from erupting into all-out war.

When the heir of a ruling dynasty attacks a rival family, Cole and his squad charge into the crossfire to terminate the feud before chaos rips the city apart.

In the midst of their deadly assault, the elite team discovers that one of their own is a traitor.

Attacked by enemies on all sides, the soldiers must survive long enough to exact vengeance for their bitter losses and regain a fragment of peace for the citizens of their crumbling city.

Packed with action, humor, and heart, Shock Force combines military Earth based science fiction with urban squad combat and scifi future technology to bring you a unique, high-octane adventure.

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