New Cover For Ashes

It’s a bit of a tricky cover to figure out since the book is a jumble of several different genres, and I doubt this will be the last attempt. It was my first book, after all, so I hadn’t yet learned to root the story firmly in one genre and only allow minor elements of other genres to creep in at the edges. It kind of reminds me of a graphic novel, and I figured since I’ve had more than one person tell me my prose is very visual, I thought it was a good fit.

Ashes Cover

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On the run from a violent mobster, Thomas Marks takes a job driving a mysterious boy halfway across the country. The job will provide enough money to settle his debts and then some…but at what cost?

The boy carries a jar filled with his brother’s ashes and claims they are the key to protecting all of mankind. He says a terrible war is on the horizon—an epic battle between good and evil that will affect the entire planet. What should have been a simple job becomes a fight for survival as Thomas and the boy are hunted down by an enemy possessed with otherworldly strength—an enemy that will stop at nothing to obtain the ashes, and kill anyone who gets in the way.

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