New ALPHASHOCK Series Cover Concept

I decided to juice up the existing ALPHASHOCK covers by adding a bit of vintage pulp feel to them. I think these are more exciting and eye-catching, and it might allude to the episodic nature of the series more than the obvious description that already exists on Amazon’s product page for each installment. They should go live today or tomorrow.

Alphashock 1 Vintage

Alphashock 2 Vintage

In other news, ALPHASHOCK Episode 1’s contract with Amazon’s KDP Select will be up in a few days, which means I can finally start the process of making it free and getting it onto other devices (Nook, Sony, etc.).

Episode 3 is taking me a lot longer than I had hoped, but should be released within the next week or so. Sorry for the delay and I hope everyone will be happy with the end product. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” as a fox in a Disney movie once said.

We’ll see, fox. We’ll see.

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