Long Road to Phoenix

Long Road to Phoenix Book Cover

Drive a mysterious boy halfway across the country. Fight a demon. Change the world.

On the run from a violent mobster, Thomas Marks takes a job driving a mysterious boy halfway across the country — a boy who is more than he seems.

He carries a jar filled with his brother’s ashes and claims they are the key to protecting all of mankind. He says a terrible war is on the horizon — an epic battle between good and evil that will affect the entire planet.

What should have been a simple job becomes a fight for survival as Thomas and the boy are hunted by an enemy possessed with otherworldly strength — an enemy that will stop at nothing to obtain the ashes and deliver humanity into darkness.

Long Road to Phoenix is a thrilling road trip horror novel where the epic battle of heaven vs hell is played out on a human scale. One man must protect a child who may not be of this Earth — a child that carries the last hope for humanity’s salvation.

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(FUN FACT: This was my first novel, titled Ashes, and I made a very bad website for it.)