Long Road to Phoenix

Long Road to Phoenix

On the run from a violent mobster, Thomas Marks takes a job driving a mysterious boy halfway across the country. The job will provide enough money to settle his debts and then some…but at what cost? 

The boy carries a jar filled with his brother’s ashes and claims they are the key to protecting all of mankind. He says a terrible war is on the horizon—an epic battle between good and evil that will affect the entire planet. What should have been a simple job becomes a fight for survival as Thomas and the boy are hunted down by an enemy possessed with otherworldly strength—an enemy that will stop at nothing to obtain the ashes, and kill anyone who gets in the way.

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What readers are saying about Long Road to Phoenix (from Amazon.com):

“Mr. Best took a classic tale of good versus evil and made it fresh and surprising.” – Klassik59

“I actually had to put this book down a couple times because it was so intense, I had to step away and remind myself it was just a book… everything was going to be okay… it was just a story…” – eyduck

“This is a very tightly written thriller with all the right ingredients for an intense can’t-put-this-down read. Imagine Dean Koontz with a bit of Stephen King thrown in, and you get the picture. I highly recommend this.” – Vered Ehsani

“Not my usual genre either, but it’s a GREAT READ! Mr. Best’s style of writing draws the reader completely into the story and it becomes very hard to put down.” – Elizabeth WalkerGoodman

“…the many settings are so delightfully detailed, and the observations of the human condition are so mature and insightful that this story will not be found wanting by seasoned readers of the genre.” – redeyedreader

“For a first time novelist, the writer does an excellent job describing the scenes, the characters, and the emotions and leaves the reader wanting more.” – Amanda

“Author Sam Best manages to weave a compelling tale filled with likable and relatable characters while keeping a story filled with spiritual themes from becoming too predictable or hokey. In fact, the novel is downright brutal at points, another factor that reminded me in ways of Stephen King’s work. King, and now Best, have a knack for painting a picture of a spiritual evil that is absolutely merciless.” – Santa Monica Jim

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