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Kobo just launched their self-publishing platform, and I would like to take a moment to put in a good word about my experience.

(Amazon is the big name here in the States, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with Kobo, here are two reasons why it will pay off to publish with them in the near future: Canadian market share (read: English-speaking nation) and triple-digit growth.)

I uploaded three of my short stories a few minutes ago, and the process was so smooth and easy that it put every other company’s process to shame. There were helpful tips and reminders along the way, so that at no point did I have to stop and Google for outside help about formatting, etc.

Oh, and their royalty rates are 45% for low-priced eBooks, compared to Amazon’s 30%. As an added bonus, you can also set your eBooks to free right out of the gate. That’s what I have been waiting for, since I want to use my short stories to act as advertisements for longer works. The minimum price on Amazon is 99¢, and their price-match system historically takes forever to catch up to other online storefronts. Self-published authors need instant updates if they hope to stay competitive in the market, and “keeping your fingers crossed” for months at a time in the hopes that Amazon might flip a switch just doesn’t cut it as an effective strategy.

My Kobo bookshelf looks like this at the moment:

Kobo Bookshelf

In about a month, the first episode of ALPHASHOCK will be ready for publication on Kobo. I plan to set it to free as a sample for the series, and it’s of great comfort to know I won’t have to wait an extra few months for that to happen.

Kobo just made the future of self-publishing a little bit brighter.

8 thoughts on “Kobo Writing Life

    • Not yet, unfortunately, as they are too short to publish in paperback individually. Once I get a few more short stories written, I can start combining them into collections and releasing them in paperback format.

  1. Yeah, I just went through the process six times to get my other works ready to launch and each time I did it just emphasized how smooth the process of pubbing through Kobo is. I’m really excited to see how their search algorithms work and I’m hoping it will give us a little more visibility than we’ve had on other platforms like Barnes & Noble. So far the only weakness I see is that their shopping experience isn’t quite as refined as shopping through Amazon – yet.

  2. I am not sure that Writing Life have a satisfactory Support Service: Already a week passed without an answer to 2 mails with simple questions: for example, where can I find the “User Guide” they are talking about on their Learning Centre page.

    • I haven’t had any experience with their customer service yet, so I can’t say either way whether or not it’s satisfactory. I’m sorry to hear that they have not replied to you. Maybe they are so swamped with new author emails that their response time has been drastically affected.

      I found the link to the user guide to the right of the introductory video on the Learning Centre page. The link is: http://download.kobobooks.com/learnmore/writinglife/KWL-User-Guide.pdf

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