Hello Darkness

Hello Darkness Cover

The good people of Falling Rock, Colorado, are disappearing one by one. An ancient evil lurks in the valley below the town—an evil that preys not just on the bodies of its victims, but on their sanity as well…

After the death of his wife, Ben Howard returns to his childhood home in the small town of Falling Rock. Along with his four-year-old daughter, he hopes to make a new life for his family, free from the painful memories that still haunt them both.

But old memories die hard. Visions of Ben’s deceased wife follow him to Falling Rock—and that’s just the beginning. Something is hunting his daughter from the shadows, watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. 

As his world collapses around him, Ben must join with the few who remain to destroy a malevolent force that will not stop until it consumes every last human soul.

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What readers are saying about Hello Darkness (from Amazon.com):

“Horror as it should be: implacable, juggernaut, inescapable. Horror that is and was and will be, world without end-or rather world-ending-is the category in this engrossing novel.” — Mallory Anne-Marie Haws

“I love a good, scary horror story, and this one certainly fits the bill. The book has it all – good character development, building of suspense in the story, truly scary scenes and situations…Take a chance on the book, but be prepared to stay up reading until late, and to sleep with the lights on afterwards!” — A. Norton

“It had me scared in all the right places and I was unable to put it down. A must read for anybody who loves a good scary book.” — C. Toste

“This is an exceptionally strong story. The pacing was fair, the writing well above average, and it was chilling in all the right places.” — JR Wesley