Hard Crime

Hard Crime Cover

Hard Crime blends the grim future of Blade Runner with the hard-boiled style of The Big Sleep to create a futuristic caper that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Capital City is teeming with death. Under the neon glow downtown, a body turns up every single night.

On the second anniversary of his wife’s unsolved murder, Detective Jack Rose is once again cast into the deep end of a grisly homicide investigation. But this isn’t a shooting or poisoning or any of the other hundred ways to kill someone without getting bloody. This is a hard crime, the up-close kind, the kind that rarely shows its ugly face—even on an island busting at the seams with 3 million people.

The victim was a resident of Capital Heights, a building with a reputation among parolees as a cheap place to live. They say you can even stay for free, if you’re willing to do a few favors…

In a city monitored by countless surveillance cameras and remote-operated patrol cars, Jack thinks a cop should be able to catch a break. He’s wrong. With no clues, no witnesses, and a growing list of suspects, he must rely on instinct to catch a killer before another victim is found on the rain-washed streets of Capital City.

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What readers are saying about HARD CRIME (from Amazon.com):

“Sam Best applies his writing talent beautifully to the hard-boiled detective genre. The main characters were realistically flawed, quick witted and the story kept up a solid pace. A definite good read for those who like detective stories.” — Vered Ehsani

“There are many twists and turns in the plot but the author brings it all together masterfully in the closing acts.” — redeyedreader

“If you like old-time dark, gritty, detective stories, give this a shot. Great, entertaining read, and you won’t see the ending coming.” — jimd