Another World

Pre-order available now. Releases on March 8th, 2020.

Another World Book Cover

Earth is in shambles. It is polluted and overpopulated, and its people are hungry.

Proxima 7 is a pioneer world much like ours used to be. Continents of arable land. Unpolluted oceans. Clean air. Anyone brave or desperate enough to make the perilous journey is given a plot of land and a chance at a better life.

If they can get there. Most can’t afford a ticket. The lucky few who can will get a fresh start.

For one man and his young son, the journey to Proxima is only the beginning. Obstacles arise every step of the way, forcing compromise and sacrifice. And not everyone on the ship is pure of heart.

They must allow themselves to be drawn into a community of their fellow passengers, for the bonds they forge on the journey will be the key to surviving on another world — a world we have yet to fully explore.

A world with secrets of its own.