Pvt. Roose

Private Roose, Isaiah D. — “Brick”

At age five, Isaiah Roose lost his parents when a mob turned violent and burned down every home in his neighborhood. He and his younger sister survived with second-degree burns. The largely affluent neighborhood had been the target of numerous threats after receiving reconstruction funds from the city of Chicago. Slums inhabitants felt they were being ignored and gathered to protest. Riot Police were late to the scene and only saved 83 of the neighborhood’s 674 occupants.

Private Roose was eligible for early admittance to The Company since he was the providing member of his family with no immediate guardians. He joined at the age of fifteen and spent three years as a runner for Tactical Operations and one year shadowing trauma surgeons in the field before voluntarily moving to the Elite Task Forces. He is a gifted healer and the de facto medic for ETF-1.