Pvt. Harper

Private Harper, Kade O. — “Harp”

Kade Harper is the only son and heir to the corrupt Harper Dynasty, which operates out of Phoenix in eastern California. He ran away from home at an early age after witnessing his father strangle his mother after she threatened to dissolve the empire. As her deceased father was the founder of the Dynasty, she alone retained majority control. After her death, power passed to Kade’s father, who has since used his political influence to shape Phoenix into a haven for corruption.

Kade’s uncle had left the Dynasty years earlier and moved to Chicago to open a used gun store. He raised Kade as his own until Kade graduated from grade school and joined The Company.

Private Harper received excellent training with various firearms throughout his youth, making him a remarkable shot from any distance. He is only surpassed in close-range firearm combat by Private Cordova, and only then by a small margin.