BOTS, REPLICATOR (n) Microscopic machines that rapidly ingest and duplicate surrounding material.

BOTS, SUPPRESSOR (n) Microscopic machines that mask an individual’s heat signature by expelling cooling gases through the pores of the skin.

CITY-STATE (n) A large city that has adopted its own form of government yet is still recognized as part of the United States of America. The five city-states are: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Phoenix, and Seattle.

COMPANY, THE (n) A private contractor that supplies armed personnel to city governments in the United States of America.

DERMETIC SURGERY (n) Full-body skin tightening or replacement therapy.

DYNASTY (n) A pure-blood family. They are usually very wealthy and have significant influence within the powerful social and political circles of their city.

FRY (v) To burn one’s skin, usually by means of elecrocution.

GEEK (n) A derogatory label for a soldier who is technically inclined.

GUM, NON-STICK (n) Chewing gum that has been molecularly modified to have zero adhesive qualities.

HOLO-CARD (n) A playing card manufactured with a holographic background which depicts the face value of the card along with an image of the player’s choosing.

HYPO-NEEDLE (n) A small hypodermic syringe. The needle is made from morphing steel, which alters its density based on the texture of a patient’s skin.

MELT (v) To liquefy one’s skin, usually by means of shock electrocution.

MININUKE (n) A miniaturized version of a nuclear warhead.

MOB-COMM (n) Mobile Command

NLD (n) Non-Lethal Device

PLEXI (n) Blast-resistant triple-hardened translucent material.

RUNNIN’ AND GUNNIN’ (phr) The unofficial motto of Elite Task Force One.

SLAG (n) A useless person; degenerate.

SPOOL (v) To employ a spooled coil of rope or cord during the scaling of a vertical surface.

TAC-OPS (n) Tactical Operations

TITANIUM WEAVE (n) Molecularly enhanced titanium fiber woven together so tightly that it appears to be a single piece of cloth.