Takir Arkaan

After the European United Nations dissolved many state governments throughout Africa in the wake of World War 4, the country was weakened to the point of death.

Takir Arkaan was born and raised in Egypt. As a young soldier, he was favored by the leader of a movement intent on reinstating the old government against the will of the EUN. Takir followed orders until it became clear to him that the current leadership was weak, and that seeing their plans through to the end would result in backward progress. During three bloody days of civil war, he led a rebellion against the movement’s leaders. He was successful and became the self-declared ruler the country. Takir stuck the severed heads of the fallen leaders in a circle of spikes around his base in Cairo as a warning to all those who would oppose him.

Over the next two years, Takir cut his way through Africa, committing genocide on a scale not seen in hundreds of years. He swiftly and brutally destroyed the offices of the EUN along with all members of the organization.

Within a decade, Europe was his.

He is educated, well-spoken, and charismatic. His following is unfathomably large, and the horde of supporters that travels alongside his army as they march across the globe grows daily.

Little is known about his moral and political philosophy, beyond the fact that he desires nothing less than to rule the entire world at any cost.