Rodus Mireaux

King — Mireaux Dynasty Elite

Rodus Mireaux was born in 3297, when the first Dynasties were coming to power. His family had already attained great wealth and social status in Chicago, and were thus well-poised to declare themselves a Dynasty at the conclusion of the 7th World War. The War left the nation in massive debt, and only through donations made from the private fortunes of future Dynasties was the United States able to endure. The contributions made by the Mireaux family were among the most gratious, and as such they remain a favorite of the city.

His parents died within a week of each other, both aged 97. Life-extensions were invented shortly after, allowing their son Rodus (the new king of the Dynasty) a chance to live for centuries. He has only one child, Alara Mireaux, whose safety he vigilantly guards.

Rodus prefers to do his maneuvering politically as opposed to physically. He has a passion for titanium manufacturing, and has successfully bought out most of his powerful competitors.