Emero Olivetti

King — Olivetti Dynasty Elite

King of the richest Dynasty in the world, Emero Olivetti chooses to live in Chicago because he sees it as the most strategically advantageous location to conduct his political and social maneuvering.

Before the destruction of Old Italy during World War 5, Emero lived with his family in the countryside, where he was raised as a farmer by parents of limited means. Upon fleeing their home, Emero’s father vowed that his family would never again be under the thumb of another tyrant. They moved to the United States, where Emero’s father joined and eventually resided over the most ruthless, yet profitable, private criminal organization since the creation of the oppressive Anti-Crime Act of 2876.

When Emero came of age, his father dissolved the criminal organization and invested all of his money in a multitude of legitimate enterprises. He was soon the wealthiest private citizen in the country. He has two sons, Anton and Phillipe.

Emero displayed a keen mind for business at an early age, and his political contributions coupled with his economic genius have broadened his Dynasty’s reach more than anyone thought possible. He is intensely devoted to his family and does not forget an insult, no matter how slight.