ALPHASHOCK Episode 2 Update + Synopsis

Episode 2, “New Blood”, will be released on or very close to June 15th! Here is a preliminary cover sketch by artist TJ Wright:

ALPHASHOCK Episode 2 Cover


After the harrowing events that took place at the Olivetti building in downtown Chicago, the soldiers in Elite Task Force One take a much needed vacation.

Upon returning to Mobile Command, they are met with two new additions to the squad: Privates Cheryl “Cherry” Castillo and Francis “Diggs” Diggman. Castillo is an experienced riot soldier who spent most of her career in full battle-gear patrolling the slums of Chicago. Diggman is a former member of Tactical Operations and a genius with electronics.

When Captain Larrimore receives word from his superiors that Emero Olivetti has replaced his son, Anton, as leader of an underground plot to assassinate the President of the United States, the squad quickly moves to intercept the King of the most powerful Dynasty in the city.

Emero is rumored to be leaving his fortified tower in the heart of Chicago for a rare meeting with the Vice President. Travelling by limoship, he will only be vulnerable for as long as it takes him to get to the Government Palace a few miles away.

ETF-1 must engage and detain Emero, then deliver him to The Company for interrogation. It should be easy, but lingering doubts exist among the soldiers in the squad. They’ve walked into an ambush before, and something about this mission seems very familiar.

(You can buy Episode 1 on Amazon by following this link.)

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