New Cover For Ashes

It’s a bit of a tricky cover to figure out since the book is a jumble of several different genres, and I doubt this will be the last attempt. It was my first book, after all, so I hadn’t yet learned to root the story firmly in one genre and only allow minor elements of other genres to creep in at the edges. It kind of reminds me of a graphic novel, and I figured since I’ve had more than one person tell me my prose is very visual, I thought it was a good fit. Continue reading

New SciFi Crime Novella

Well, almost. Capital Heights was the title of a straight-up crime novella I briefly¬†published¬†last year. I just finished changing it from third to first person, and I also added a layer of science fiction. Think Blade Runner meets The Maltese Falcon. The original novella has been edited and expanded, and I think it’s a significant improvement over the last. Continue reading