Free SciFi Short Story

I just recently learned of a movie in production called Her, about a man who literally falls in love with his computer, and it reminded me of a short story I wrote a while back titled Garbage Code. According to the article I read, there were a number of other movies with similar themes on the horizon, so I thought I would take a moment and share my contribution to the booming genre of boy-meets-pc. Continue reading

Dream Street Preview

Dream Street is the second book in my Capital City crime series, the first being the novella Capital Heights. It’s coming down the pike in another month or so and I thought I would post the first chapter as a preview. In Dream Street, Detective Jack Rose has to solve the murder of one of Capital City’s social elite. Naturally, things aren’t what they seem and he ends up going head-to-head against one of the city’s most dangerous crime lords. Continue reading

Ashes Road Map

Here’s an old nugget I stumbled across while searching for something else in my archives. It’s a road map of the main characters’ journey in my first novel Ashes. It tracks them from Junction City, Kansas, to Phoenix, Arizona, and marks the location of each major stop along the way. (Click to enlarge.)