Down The Chain

I made a micro-budget sci-fi/drama movie a while back called Down The Chain. It stalled in post-production because I went off to write some books. Now it’s back with a crowdfunding campaign to reshoot a few critical scenes and get the film into some festivals around the country. Check out the campaign at Indiegogo or visit the old blog to see a little bit of the process from the beginning.

We’ll be getting a new poster and all of that other fancy stuff that goes along with festival submissions, but in the meantime, here’s one I made when I was first editing the film: Continue reading

Hello Darkness Post-Promo Results

It’s still selling, but as of now readers have purchased 200 copies of Hello Darkness following the Ereader News Today promo on May 2nd. Here is what the ranking looked like at the peak of the promo:

That’s after just 145 sales. Since the book is in the smaller category of Dark Fantasy, it didn’t take much to boost it to #1. The main category of Horror is always trickier since there are so many books to compete against. The rankings have been slowly slipping ever since but have not yet plummeted. The book has had legs of its own ever since I published it back in October and was selling with no interference from me long before this promo. Hopefully with 200 more legitimate purchases floating around, sales will continue to propagate. The only explanation I can come up with is good word of mouth, so I have my fingers crossed that readers who get a genuine scare will continue to tell their friends about the novel.