Capital Heights Crime Novella

Capital Heights is a new crime novella available on Amazon for Kindle and anything with a Kindle App. It’s sort of a mix of police procedural/thriller/hard-boiled detective story. I plan to write a couple more novellas (about one-third of a full-length novel) to see how it goes, then swing back around to finish up other series. You can check it out here.


On the second anniversary of his wife’s unsolved murder, Detective Jack Rose is once again cast into the deep end of a grisly homicide investigation. The victim is found alone in a Capital Heights apartment with a bag over his head and piano wire wrapped around his throat. The Heights is a cheap place to live and has a name on the street as a safe haven for the recently paroled.

It also has a deadly past.

With no clues, no witnesses, and a growing list of suspects, Jack must rely on instinct to catch a killer before another victim is found on the rain-washed streets of Capital City.

Will’s Story

Will is the boy from my first novel, Ashes, and his origin story is rather interesting. I thought I would share it with you since it was left out of the book for many reasons.

Major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t finished the book, what comes next will definitely ruin a nice little surprise at the end, even if it wasn’t totally unexpected. Continue reading