Limited Edition “Black Book” AlphaShock Compilation

The first three episodes of ALPHASHOCK have been combined into a limited edition “black book” that is only being made available to people who pledged 25 bucks or more in the Kickstarter campaign which was successfully funded a few months ago. The series is still going strong and has amazing cover art thanks to the support of everyone who pledged toward the goal of the project.

Black book front

Black book back

The books are in the mail and should arrive within the next week.

Once again, thank you to all those who have supported and continue to support the series.

“What Do You Do?”

This unavoidable question springs up at every social event.

You’re attending the Christmas party at your spouse’s work; you’re at the reception for your cousin’s wedding and sitting at a round table topped with too many sparkling things surrounded by people you’ve never met; you’re at a weekend barbecue and someone invited an acquaintance, but you thought it was just going to be your close friends… Continue reading