New Paperback Edition of ASHES

Just started the review process for the second paperback edition of ASHES. It has been out of print for several months due to a couple typos that have been fixed, as well as general updates to the copyright matter. I also tried to make the entire package look a little more professional just in case I can manage to get it onto a shelf at a local book store or something.

Here are some really low quality pics that show the basic idea:

Second Edition Front

Second Edition Back

I should be receiving a physical proof copy within the next week, and after I approve that ASHES will once again be available in paperback from Amazon and Createspace.

ASHES Hits #1 With 99¢ Ereader News Today Promotion

Ereader News Today started a new bargain-priced promotion for authors whose books are on sale for 99¢. The submission details are on this page, but the short of it is that you set your book to 99¢, inform ENT, and if you’re lucky enough to make the cut, they post your book along with three others on their site (which gets a heavy, heavy amount of traffic). They only do four books a day—a restriction that helps authors more than it hurts them (less reader fatigue; more visibility), even though it makes getting onto the site a bit more difficult.

So what do they charge in exchange for this opportunity? Continue reading