ALPHASHOCK Episode 3 Cover Concept

Here is a rough sketch for Episode 3 by the talented TJ Wright. A couple things are being added, a couple things changed, but at least you can get the general idea.

Alphashock Episode 3 Cover

That’s Emero Olivetti’s luxury train and an ALPHASHOCK team member ragdolling through the air.

(I hope to have Episode 3 published by the end of the month. There was a delay with the whole vacation thing, as well as the general craziness of summertime family visits, births, and the most heinous of writerly things: social obligations.)

ASHES Kindle Fire Department Ad

On July 7th, ASHES was featured as the book of the day on Kindle Fire Department. I think they did an excellent job (article here). The ad cost $75 and resulted in just under 30 sales. I dropped the price of the book to $2.99 for the sale (hoping for less price resistance), so I made back $60 and only lost $15, which—in exchange for the visibility and the potential new reader base—is a small price to pay.

There is no way to gauge how many people saw the article versus how many went on to buy the book. I’m not sure how I did compared to other Books of the Day (I would think not as well, given the genre), but it is definitely a site I would recommend to other authors. If you are publishing in a more popular genre (romance, YA), I suggest going for it. Gadget, the site owner, is friendly and quick to respond to queries. You can request a particular date if it is available, which I appreciated.

ASHES jumped about 30 spots on its genre list on Amazon, which was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully some of those sales will hold over for the rest of the month.