A Vacation, A Delay, A Facebook Ad, And A Prometheus.

Firstly and most excitingly (for me), I will be out of town on a Mediterranean Cruise until July 11th. The partnership of Business and Brain is effectively shutting down until then. What that means for ALPHASHOCK is that the third episode will be released in late July instead of the middle of the month—anyone looking forward to the next installment will have to wait a couple extra weeks. Sorry! Hopefully in my absence the spambots don’t come crawling out of the walls of my website to leave me with a few thousand comments about products I never searched the internet for in the first place, let alone care about. How do they target their advertising, anyway? Shotgun approach? Continue reading

A Quick Note On AlphaShock Format And Pricing

I’m hoping to write 9 episodes of AlphaShock that lead up to a 10th installment which will act as the finale for the series. The way things are looking now, every 3 episodes will count as a full volume (1-3, 4-6, 7-9), and—even though every individual episode will have an ending—each set of 3 episodes can be viewed as a single full-length novel, with a complete story arc that is a smaller piece of the overall story. Releasing them as individual episodes gives the reader more content more often—once a month as opposed to once every 6 months or more. I would love to make the 10th installment a novel by itself since I have big plans for the way it all ends, but that’s a long way off and I can’t speak to my inclinations that far into the future. This goal is a lofty one—I may get to episode 6, hit a wall, and decide to make the series a lot shorter. I hope that doesn’t happen, because Future Chicago is turning out to be a whole lotta fun.

As for pricing, I felt like I was underselling the second episode a bit due to its length, but I didn’t want to give readers any reason not to further explore the series (and since there are going to be a lot of episodes, it would be unfair of me to ask much more than that). I can’t promise that every episode will be 99¢, but I can promise that I will price the episodes fairly—based on the anticipated reader experience, my time, the cover artist’s fees, and episode length.

Happy reading.


ALPHASHOCK Website Relaunched

In preparation for the second episode of the series (to be released on the 15th), I redesigned the older, less compatible website.

The new address is: http://sam-best.com/alphashock/

I wanted a clear, easy-to-navigate layout where I could put all of the information that wouldn’t quite fit into the published episodes. This includes details on how certain gadgets work to more in-depth background information on the characters and technology that populates the city-state of Chicago in 3481. It is designed with a computer database terminal in mind, as if you walked into Mobile Command and started researching the information at a console station.

My hope is that this “bonus feature” adds a little extra to the world of ALPHASHOCK. Enjoy.