Hank Buckley Gets A Chapter

Meet Hank.

In my next novel, HELLO DARKNESS, Hank is a mild-mannered, God-fearing hardware store owner in the small town of Falling Rock. Hank is not one of the book’s main characters and is only mentioned a few times (and seen once) before his moment in the spotlight.

So why does he get even a little bit of the story? The reason is because there’s a lot going on in Falling Rock—evil is nesting in the woods just outside town, and most of the main characters are still unaware of its existence. However, the reader needs that little peek behind the curtain so they aren’t asking the same question for a hundred pages. Asking questions is good (essential, even) but a question that evolves over the course of a novel is even better.

Enter Hank Buckley. Continue reading

Calm Before the Storm?

Or the calm before…more calm?

Since it’s noon on the west coast and 3pm on the east, it makes sense that all sales of my ebooks have slowed to a trickle. They’re still rising, but slowly. ASHES even slipped one rank on its Top 20 list to #19. If it drops out of the 20 before 5pm I think it might not do much better this evening. Still, 400+ downloads is 398+ more than I had when I started.

A DREAM OF WAKING has been downloaded 2086 times so far, which is a number I’m just sort of blinking at right now. Continue reading

Climbing the Charts

I thought it would take a lot more downloads to breach some lists on Amazon.

I was wrong.

Current number of downloads for all 4 books (1 novel and 3 short stories):

Total Downloads

Individual “List” standings on Amazon (presented in the order above):

Dream Chart

Ashes Chart

Depths Chart

Lonely Hair Chart

These are smaller subsets of the overall categories, but it still feels good to see that much of a result with so little “sales”. What it tells me is that there are a TON of books on Amazon not going anywhere fast. My guess is that they haven’t run any promos, ads, played the social media game, etc. With at least a little bit of effort, one can push their books past those stagnant stories and hopefully get noticed. With a LOT of effort…who knows what’s possible?