Genesis Plague


There was an unfortunate technical mistake with Episode 4 and the pre-order had to be cancelled before the wrong file was sent out. Amazon’s system was preparing to ship an early, unfinished draft and the only way to stop it was to cancel the whole process. I can assure you that Episode 4 will be available on Amazon around the 24th of this month. This technical issue caused a slight delay with the editing process and it’s going to take me an extra couple of days to publish the book to Amazon. I always send out a newsletter when I release a new episode, so if you haven’t yet signed up for that, it’s probably the best way to know when something new is published.

Thanks for reading.


People will change. Nations will fall.

A primordial virus unearthed…

A world ripe for infection…

Welcome to the end.

Genesis Plague Cover

A new life form is found in a cavern below one of the world’s largest volcanoes. The organism shows remarkable resistance to viral infection, and the discovery brings with it the hope of new vaccines for epidemics that have plagued humanity for thousands of years.

The possibilities seem endless, until researchers uncover a very specific reason the new organism is so resistant to infection.

Before further analysis can be made, the volcano begins to wake. If it erupts, it will spew forth the greatest horror in the history of the world.

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